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What material insulation cups drink more healthy
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There are many types of cups, but with some cups of water is not necessarily healthy and safe. In order to ensure safety and health, stainless steel insulation cup is our first choice for healthy drinking water.

Insulation cups should be used stainless steel, and really qualified, the human body will not have any adverse effects of stainless steel should be food grade 304 stainless steel, the national standards also clearly pointed out this point. After all, the water in the cup is for our drinking, the more quality materials will be more conducive to human health.

And stainless steel contains iron elements, but also we need every day to eat trace elements, stainless steel cups are alloy metal products, according to the use of different, this cup of metal elements will be different, common metal elements include iron, silicon , Carbon, aluminum and so on. These elements are other cups that can not be provided to us. It can not only heat, but also cold, in daily life is also very convenient to use.

But stainless steel insulation cup should not be used to tea and coffee.

Because the tea for a long time soaked in the warm water cups, like mild omelette, tea contains tea polyphenols, tannins and other substances will be a lot of leaching, tea is a strong color, with bitter taste. Also, because the water in the insulation cup will always maintain a high water temperature, tea in the aromatic oil will soon evaporate, but also reduce the tea should be fragrance. The most serious point is that the tea contains vitamin C and other nutrients in the water temperature of more than 80 ℃ will be destroyed, loss of tea should have the health function.

Glass insulation cups are healthy but not falling

Glass is made of inorganic silicate sintered, free of organic chemicals, and the glass is easy to clean, so the glass is the most safe. But the glass tea is easy to break the shortcomings, so the use of portable is not convenient.

Magnetized insulation cup positive magnetized insulation cup should not be long-term water

From the medical health point of view, magnetized insulation cup has a very good health effects. Magnetizing insulation cup is a non-drug means to achieve the purpose of health care of drinking utensils, magnetized water physical properties of magnetization, its ability to dissolve, can soften, dissolve blood vessels in the sediment, arteriosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases have preventive effect; A variety of strong dissolution or differentiation, so that the stone disease to be alleviated, dissolved water oxidation capacity, increased oxygen content than ordinary water, can promote the body's metabolism.

Domestic and foreign medical reports also said that magnetized water is indeed a great benefit to human health, but not all of the magnetized water is beneficial to the human body. Only the negative magnetized water can improve the body's physiological function, play the role of health care, and the positive magnetized water should not drink.

Now we see on the market, a lot of so-called magnetized insulation cup is actually only the use of ordinary magnets, positive and negative are not divided. Therefore, consumers in the selection of magnetization insulation cups to be carefully identified when the purchase of single-stage magnetic (negative) made of raw materials made of magnetized cup.

In summary, the stainless steel insulation cup is the most suitable water, but should not be used to tea, and pay attention to the formal channels from the purchase of stainless steel insulation cup to prevent the purchase of iron cup.

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