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Travel insulation cup, all the way warm
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Spring is the best season for tourism, spring season, like the short travel, especially 55-68 years old mainly. Short trips are two to three days, then this time also are riding a bus. When the cold, when the elderly in the bus are like to drink a mouthful of warm water, this time the tour will be able to bring the warmth of the warmth of the elderly.
Some of the wine of the elderly also like to bring a small drink on the road, warm and also can meet the mourning, if it is motion sickness of the elderly, the tour guide will recommend the best to drink hot water, after all, a few hours, the elderly in the middle There is a problem is not easy to deal with. Now a lot of tourism companies will not send bottled mineral water, but made a travel insulation cup, every two hours will be seen at high speed service station, it can be installed full of warm water or cold water The
Travel insulation cups, you can travel to the people all the way warm.

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